The Unknown

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The unknown is a very scary place.  In seasons of transition, sometimes we find ourselves wondering what is going to happen next and fear tends to set in.  We sit there asking all of these questions, wishing we knew what the future was going to hold. We stress out in hopes to have some kind of idea of the direction life is leading.  It feels lonely and desolate.  If you are in between jobs, transitioning into a new school, moving to a new city etc., you know exactly what I am speaking on.  I could not agree more that the unknown is a terrifying place and it is a place I have seen myself in more often than not.  

Life is never a for sure thing.  The moment we think we have it all figured out and think we finally have a grip on everything, it seems our whole world gets flipped upside down and we are right back to square one.  What is really crazy about being in the unknown, is as lonely as it feels and as desolate as it looks, we are not alone.  God is in that space.  He is right next to us and has zero plan on leaving our side.  See, the unknown is actually one of the most beautiful places to ever be. Now in my life, I am excited for the unknown more than ever.  What makes the unknown so beautiful is that when in that space, the only thing we can rely on is our faith in Jesus.  There is absolutely nothing else to lean on.  No one has the answer for us, and we have no idea what our next step is going to be. But Jesus is not leaving us by ourselves.  He is guiding each and every unknown step into the blessing He has waiting for us as He equips us and prepares us.  So if you find yourself in the unknown, praise God, because what’s next is going to be beautiful.  


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